WS-5Conference room recording jammer, distributed recording jammer, microphone jammer, blocking recording jammer, eavesdropper jammer

WS-5Conference room recording jammer, distributed recording jammer, microphone jammer, blocking recording jammer, eavesdropper jammer

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Ws-5 type defender is an enhanced recording shield system developed by our company according to the market demand. This system consists of shielder host and expander. The host is equipped with five signal transmitting terminals and the expander is equipped with four signal transmitting terminals. The two terminals are wired and arranged around the illegal recorder to form shielding network, which can realize back-to-back interference to the microphone. To achieve the best shielding effect.

The software adopts the mute encryption algorithm based on identification, which is widely used in mobile phone data encryption and is extremely safe. It ensures that the recording files can not be decoded and decomposed. The mute adopts adaptive mute technology, which guarantees concealment and security without any discomfort to visitors after booting.

WS-5 has a good shielding effect on the latest mainstream mobile phones on the market, such as MATE20, P20pro, XR/XS/XSMAX and so on.

Ws-5 mainframe and expander shell adopt one-time injection molding technology. The appearance is compact, beautiful and generous. The size of the mainframe is the same as that of the adult hand. The expander is 1/2 of the adult hand. It is light in weight and easy to carry. Look at the parameter table in detail.

System characteristics:

1. Power switch and power regulation are integrated. The power adopts stepless knob, which is precise and convenient.

2. Adaptive silencing technology ensures the quietness in the use process.

3. The combination of host computer and expander forms shielding network, which has better shielding effect.

4. Large capacity 2200MAH battery, working for more than 8 hours.

5. Shielding distance is 2-3 meters.

6. It has the functions of over-voltage, over-current and over-heat protection.

7. Important components are all imported electronic components.

8. The output effective power is over 98%.

9. Injection-moulded shell, green and environmental protection.


performance parameter

Shielding type

Mobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices

Shielding distance

2-3 m (shielding distance of different recording equipment is different)

Function angle

90-120 degrees

Opening mode

knob control

Power adjustment mode

Stepless adjustment of knob

Host size


Expander size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Battery capacity


Charging input

AC 100V~240V

Charging output

DC 12v 3A

Packing instructions

Protective box

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