YX-007-ZM desktop type recording shield

YX-007-ZM desktop type recording shield

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YX-007-ZM desktop type recording shield

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This kind of recording screen is a high-tech recording screen product developed and produced by Tianjin Yingxun Technology Co., Ltd. on the basis of a large number of market research and user visits. The appearance of the product is a long arc, with 16 signal transmitting terminals built in, evenly arranged on both sides of the long side and the arc on one side of the product, to achieve the suppression of multi angle and multi-directional shielding signal. In addition, the product has a signal transmission window at the signal transmitting place, which not only ensures the effective transmission of the signal, but also plays a good role in concealment. The shell of the product is treated by wire drawing technology, showing metal texture, carbon black, showing the high level of R & D everywhere! It is not only a high-tech product, but also a fine handicraft. The product is equipped with a remote control receiving antenna, which is similar to a wireless router. The appearance of the table is beautiful, simple and generous. It is suitable for small meeting rooms, negotiation rooms, offices and other private scenes.

Product features:

1. Flexible collocation: users can choose Bluetooth speakers with audio files preset by manufacturers, and use them with the shielding device to realize non inductive shielding.

2. Remote control on: remote control switch, easy to operate.

3. Power regulation: stepless power regulation, controllable at any time.

4. Good concealment: the appearance of the router product is the same as that of the router, which is not easy to attract attention and solves the user's worries.

5. Large shielding angle: the product adopts multi angle shielding, with a range of 240 degrees. More comprehensive implementation of the recording screen.

6. Wider range of coverage equipment: for the current mainstream recording equipment, the desktop type recording shield can be shielded, and its coverage rate can reach more than 95%, far higher than similar products on the market.

Technical parameters:


performance parameter

Shielding type

Voice collection equipment such as mobile phone and recording pen

Shielding distance


Angle of action


Opening mode

Non gear remote control on

Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100V~240V

Power output

DC 12V/5A

Packing instructions

PP protection box

Application scope:

Leading office, operation room, confidential meeting room, office, bidding room, negotiation room and other places to prevent illegal recording.

Appearance appreciation:

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