YX-007-ER mini Omnidirectional recording shield (recording jammer)

YX-007-ER mini Omnidirectional recording shield (recording jammer)

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YX-007-ER mini recording jammer

This recording shield is a new high-tech product developed by our R & D personnel on the basis of existing products in combination with the characteristics of recording shield. The product has beautiful appearance, simplicity and generosity. The product is equipped with 60 ultrasonic signal transmitting terminals. By adjusting the layout of three-dimensional signal transmitting terminals, the change from two-dimensional 360° to three-dimensional surrounding three-dimensional shielding is realized.

The three-dimensional spherical recording shield is another new product of the recording shield series. This product is a revolutionary reform in the application of recording shield technology to further meet the needs of users. Suitable for various meeting rooms, meeting rooms and other occasions.

Product features:

1. Larger shielding angle: it can realize three-dimensional shielding without dead angle recording shielding.

2. Stronger shielding effect: compared with other similar products, its output interference signal power is greater, so the noise signal picked up by the recording equipment is stronger and the shielding effect is stronger.

3. Longer shielding distance: compared with other products, the shielding distance is longer. Generally, the shielding distance of better recording equipment can reach about 1-2m, while the shielding distance of most recording equipment, such as mobile phones, can even reach more than 1-4m.

4. More kinds of power adjustment: the product is equipped with three power adjustment knobs to support stepless adjustment in each direction and realize centimeter level adjustment of shielding distance.

5. Wider coverage of equipment: the shielding rate of various mainstream recording equipment, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, iPhone, oppo, vivo and recording pen, is more than 98%.

Technical parameters


performance parameter

jamming type

Mobile phone, recording pen and other sound acquisition equipment

jamming distance


Action angle

360 degree surround stereo jamming

Opening mode

Remote control on

Regulation mode

Stepless adjustment (non gear)

Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100V240V

Power output

DC 12V/12.5A

Packing instructions

PP protective box

Application scope:

Operation room, confidential meeting room, office, bidding room, negotiation room and other places to prevent illegal recording.

Appearance Picture Description:

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