Yingxun PB-2 power bank recording jammer

Yingxun PB-2 power bank recording jammer

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Yingxun PB-2 power bank recording jammer

This recording jammer is a brand new portable recording jammer developed by our company according to customer needs through a large number of market research and analysis. Although this product is the entry-level product of our company's recording jammer series, its effect is far better than that of the same type of products on the market. The shape of the rechargeable treasure type recording jammer is the same as that of the commonly used rechargeable treasure. It is not only an anti recording device, but also a portable mobile power supply with good concealment. The rechargeable treasure type recording jammer has 11 ultrasonic transmitting terminals, and the jamming angle of three output directions is 300 degrees. The ultrasonic interference technology is used to covertly ensure that your conversation content is not leaked. It is suitable for coffee shop, tea room, negotiation room, office and other flexible scenes.

Product features:
1. Good concealment: the appearance adopts the style of power pack, which can have a good concealment effect.
2. Good portability: the product has built-in lithium battery, which can work for 3-4 hours after charging.
3. Opening mode: remote opening, remote control.
4. Wider coverage of equipment: For the current mainstream recording equipment, the rechargeable treasure type recording jammer can jammer, and its coverage rate can reach more than 95%, much higher than that of similar products on the market.
5. Adjustment mode: dial type stepless adjustment to achieve centimeter level jamming distance control.

Technical parameter


performance parameter

jamming type

Sound Acquisition Equipment for Mobile Phone, Recording Pen, etc.

jamming range


Angle of action


Opening mode

remote control

Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption



5V 4000mha

Application scenarios

Coffee shop, tea room, car, meeting room, office, reception room and other flexible use scenarios.

Appearance display:

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