01 Introduction of recording jammer

01 Introduction of recording jammer

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01 Introduction of recording jammer
Note: (01 is the code for distinguishing, the user can determine the model by themselves)

This product is strictly prohibited from online promotion and sales, only offline operation! In order to control the price, violators will not cooperate.

This 01 recording jammer is a new high-tech product developed by our company's R & D personnel according to the customer's needs combined with the characteristics of the recording jammer. This product is a customized recording jammer. The overall dimension of the product is the same as YX-007-NK type. The transmitter has three sides, but the number of transmitting terminals has been upgraded. The number of transmitting terminals on each side has been increased from 20 to 25, with a total of 75 on three sides. The jamming distance of each side has been increased by about 1 meter to 3-6 meters (different recording devices have differences). The customized recording jammer still adopts the shape of air purifier to realize three-dimensional multi angle interference, which can achieve 180 degree multi angle interference, and some recording equipment can achieve 240 degree interference. Customized recording jammer is a new product of recording jammer series, which is suitable for leaders' office and small meeting room.

Product features:

1. Good concealment: the air purifier is used as the product appearance, which is similar to the ordinary air purifier on the surface, and has excellent concealment.

2. Stronger interference effect: due to the increase of the number of interference terminals, multiple signals are superimposed to make the interference signal have higher peak strength and stronger interference effect.

3. Longer interference distance: the increase of the number of terminals makes the signal strength increase, so the transmission distance is also longer, reaching an unprecedented 3-6 meters on each side.

4. Wider coverage of equipment: for all kinds of current mainstream recording equipment, the new air purifier version of the recording jammer can interfere, and its coverage rate can reach more than 95%. In particular, apple series mobile phones have been strengthened to support the latest model of iPhone, which is far higher than the similar products on the market.

5. Support private customization to better meet customer needs.

Technical parameters


performance parameter

Interference type

Mobile phone, recording pen and other sound acquisition equipment

Jamming distance


Angle of action


Number of transmitting terminals


Power regulation mode

Knob type stepless adjustment (non gear adjustment)

Opening mode

Remote control on

Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100V~240V

Power output

DC 12V/12.5A

Packing instructions

PP protective box

Application range:

Court, war room, confidential conference room, office, bidding room, negotiation room and other places to prevent illegal recording.

Multi angle appreciation in kind:

Product demo video (To be continued)

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