The mobile recording shielding box

The mobile recording shielding box

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This shielding box is a high-tech product developed and produced by Tianjin Yingxun Technology Co., Ltd. on the basis of extensive market research and user visits. It can effectively prevent the leakage of the voice information of the mobile phone. As we all know, in some private conversations or confidential meeting scenarios, if the mobile phone of the participant is implanted with spyware, the mobile phone can be silently turned on the microphone when it is switched on and off. The surrounding voice information will be illegally received, and the information will also be sent to the recipient’s mailbox, causing the voice to leak; or during the conversation, one party turns on the phone and the remote end can hear the conversation. Resulting in the leakage of voice information. This mobile phone recording shielding box can solve this pain point of users very well.

Before some private conversations or confidential meetings, put the participants' mobile phones into the mobile phone slot of the mobile phone recording shielding box to ensure the security of the meeting.

The appearance of this product is consistent with that of ordinary mobile phone safe. It can be placed on the table or hung on the wall for easy installation. It has beautiful appearance and high compatibility with the environment.

Product features:

1、 The product is equipped with power adapter, which can work 24 hours;

2、 Built in embedded encryption software, recording file cannot be restored;

3、 Product compatibility, 99% of mobile phones on the market can be applied, free storage;

4、 The appearance is simple and beautiful;

5、 Built in 12 mobile phone shielding bits to ensure the use of multi person Conference;

6、 Easy to install (there is a wall mouth on the back, which can be hung up);

Technical parameter


performance parameter

Shielding type

Mobile phone and other sound acquisition equipment

Shielding range

Shielding box

Action angle


Opening mode

remote control

Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100V~240V

Power output

DC 12V/5A

Application scenarios:

Conference table, business negotiation table, battle command table, court trial scene, etc

Appearance display:

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