The manufacturer sells YX-007 recording shield directly.

The manufacturer sells YX-007 recording shield directly.

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*The only recording shield product in China that passed the Ministry of Public Security inspection!*

Application place

This YX-007 recording shield is a highly integrated high-tech security product independently developed by Tianjin Yingxun Technology Co., Ltd. When the illegal elements use recording equipment (such as mobile phones, recording pens, recorders, etc.) to record you, the recording shield will generate random noise signals, which can produce suppressive interference on speech signals, so that only noise information can be picked up by recording equipment, but it can not distinguish voice information, so as to ensure the safety of voice information. Widely used in: leading office, confidential meeting room, military battle room, business negotiation room and all other places to prevent recording.


performance parameter

Shielding type

Mobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices

Shielding distance

》2m (shielding distance of different recording equipment is different)

Function angle

90-120 degrees

Opening mode

Key switch





ambient temperature


relative humidity


Battery capacity


Charging input

AC 100V~240V 

Charging output

DC 12v 1A

Packing instructions

Protective box

Functional characteristics
1. Mixed-frequency interference mode
This product is the first time in the industry to adopt mixing noise interference mode, which is different from the electromagnetic interference mode used by traditional recording interference equipment, so as to avoid electromagnetic radiation to the people near the equipment when the recording interference equipment works.
2. Sound cannot be restored
This product is processed by the most seed of true random number. After processing, the human voice signal and the random interference signal of the equipment are mixed together, and can not be restored by technical means.
3. Wide coverage
Compared with the traditional recording shielding equipment, the interference distance of this product to the mainstream recording equipment can be more than 2 meters, and the interference angle is more than 120 degrees.
4. Simple, Easy to Use and Flexible
This product is stable, reliable, highly product-oriented, simple and easy to use.
Product Function and Working Principle
1. Basic Functions
During the working process of the recording shield, random interference signals will be generated, which can ensure that the original voice information can not be recovered from the recording signal. The interference signal interferes with the recording equipment without harming the human body. When the interference signal is picked up by the recording device, it will cause only a buzzing noise in the recording signal and can not distinguish the normal sound signal, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the voice information.
2. Working Principle
In the working process of the recording shielder, the true random number is the most seed, and the high-security encryption algorithm is used to encrypt the random number. Then the encrypted random number is processed by mixing the high-frequency and low-frequency sound sources. The interference signal with unrecoverable, silent and overlapping effect is generated, which interferes with the sound acquisition equipment, thus forming the effect of sound shielding.
Product advantage
1. Basic Product Status
In the field of recording shielding equipment, there is only one device known to people. The recording shielding equipment is mainly aimed at obsolete tape recorders and very few types of recording pens. For the current mainstream recording equipment, mobile phones, digital recording pens and so on have no effect or very poor effect.
For this reason, relying on the information security technology accumulated over the years, our company independently developed the recording shield products to meet the shielding function of mainstream recording devices such as mobile phones, digital recording pens and so on, so as to protect the conversation content security of users.
2. Defects of traditional technology schemes
The traditional recording shielding technology mainly uses the random pulse sequence in a wide frequency range to interfere with the recording equipment. High-power and high-frequency signals produce electromagnetic interference to the recording equipment, which makes the input voltage or current of the front end of the acoustic sensor exceed the threshold of the acoustic sensor, so that it can not work normally and achieve effective voice blocking. This method has no noise, but its main disadvantage is that it can only interfere with analog recording equipment better, and the new digital recording equipment is basically ineffective. At the same time, high-power radio electromagnetic signal will produce electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to human body when used for a long time.
3. Product Competitive Advantage
3.1. Supporting the shielding of various mainstream recording devices.
3.2. In the working range of the shield, the original voice information can not be heard from the recorded information by recording equipment.
3.3. Within the scope of the shield, the original voice information can not be restored from the recorded information by recording equipment.
3.4. The recording shield does not emit audible sound during the working process.
System constraints and constraints
Specific descriptions that this product does not support in some scenarios will be described here.
(1) Equipment type constraints
The equipment supports the shielding of various mainstream recording devices, including mobile phones, recording pens, wireless recording devices, microphones, etc. However, due to the constant innovation of mobile phone models, different brands, different periods and different levels of mobile phone voice processing parts are different, so the recording shielding effect of a few types of mobile phones is relatively poor.
(2) Coverage constraints
Limited by the technical principles adopted, the effective shielding distance of the product is generally 2-3 meters, the effective shielding angle is about 120 degrees, and there will be some differences for different recording devices.

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