British Telecom's high-power and omnidirectional recording shielder opens a new era in the field of recording shielding!

2019-03-05 09:45:15      点击:
There are two main problems that have been puzzling users in the field of recording shielding: one is the single direction of shielding, the other is the close distance of shielding. The R&D Department of our company specializes in R&D on these two issues, has done a lot of experiments, and has listened to various opinions to launch two new products, YX-007-B and YX-007-C. YX-007-B uses a high-power transmitting terminal, the shielding distance can reach 4-10 meters, which completely solves the problem of close penetration difference of shielding distance; YX-007-C uses a 240-degree layout signal source to transmit, realizes all-direction and multi-angle shielding, and solves the problem of single shielding direction.

These two products can meet the needs of users in many ways, welcome customers to consult!
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